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We've just entered a new era. Our consumption behavior is called into question. In fact, we are looking for more authenticity.The concept of the « Wondershop » is an active contribution to this change. It’s a small act against overproduction and the bulimic behavior of today’s voracious consumers.

Thus, each article in the « Wondershop » is special and unique with a soul of its own, selected carefully or handmade by Shirin Tanyer-Heezen, who by working with recycled and thrown away materials such as leather and fabric, is able to give them a new life by dyeing, adding colors, printing over and embellishing them in her unique and innovative style. 

Among Shirin's designs, you may also find some one of a kind pieces from other designers, some vintage designs, eco friendly products, curiosities, or pieces that were originally produced only in limited editions.



©2018 by SHIRIN Nam myoho renge kyo  

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