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  • Hello, I am a wonderbird and I was made by Shirin with  leftover fabrics decorated with sequin, beads, glitter details and some special feathers that once belonged to a hatmaker from the 40es  (who knows, maybe 30es or  50es). Shirin heritated them from her mother who once bought up the hatmakers stock. I am a unique specie and made with love for detail. Every fabric and sequin was chosen carefully. I am here to bring an exotic touch to your home. You can hang me, wherever you want and even talk to me, if you want :-). But be careful, don't put me too close to fire, as I don't like it too hot and my feathers could get burnt.  I am 13 cm high  (feathers included) and 11 cm wide and I am stuffed with synthetic filling ready to hang.

    • Shipping costs within Switzerland are calculated at checkout
    • Pick up for free at the concept store "Haus zum Elefant", Linsebühlstrasse 48, 9000 St.Gallen. 
    • Shipping abroad: Shipping rates and fees may vary depending on the delivery address for your order. Please check with our staff for the shipping rate information specific to your order's destination.
    • Please note: All orders shipped outside of Switzerland  might be subject to customs duties and taxes upon receipt.
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